Monday, July 7, 2014


hi there.

feeling thankful. 

family coast trip. reunions. parades. fireworks. summer.

makes a girl content and grateful.

 I looked around my messy kitchen last night and caught a glimpse of all these little things that make my heart happy.  I don't have to look far to find happiness.

 do you buy the OOPS paint from home depot? I'm kind of a hoarder... but good colors and cheap!! tonight's finds.

 sweet hubby who brings the biggest, brightest sunflowers home. 

 favorite summertime treat- hill country peaches from fredericksburg.  seriously, 3 so far today.....

 my favorite candle burning in the window above the (MESSY) sink. white lights on the back porch.

 a painting made by the chicks for the little brother's nursery.  (did I mention baby #3?!?! yay!!) a sweet and patient aunt who will paint for hours with those girls.

 this show. do you watch it? i love joanna's style! come do my house, please??

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

for you, my Henley Mayes

oh, my sweet little Henley.

i feel like overnight, you've just turned into a KID. a funny one.

i guess i never did the whole 3 year old birthday letter.  let me say, your birthday coming right before Christmas is so tough.  i am sure you'll know this your whole life.  you kinda get birthday gifts mixed in with Christmas gifts from everyone and i bet when people think they've given you a little birthday money, it was just Christmas money.  and it's hard to get people together, when they'll be coming in for the holidays the next week, so they just wait. i mean, it is cool when you get to go with Mamie to see Santa ON your birthday AND you are first in line to sit on his lap because it's your birthday. that kinda stuff is pretty cool.

you are pretty proud of being 4.  you don't really want to wear anything that isn't size 4 clothing.  even though your skinny little waist is about a 2T but your legs are 4T. lots of leggings and tights for you. your hair is also a mystery, in addition to the skinny waist.  how in the world we got a blondie blonde daughter out of these parents is beyond me.  you have crooked bangs all the time, bless your sweet heart.  once, the hairdresser said "oh, mom trims your bangs, doesn't she?" hmph! they're just right, in my eyes.  thank goodness for them, too, since you wiped out on the skateboard (that we hardly ever bring out) and banged your head on the driveway.  nice bright pink goose egg, but hidden by the bangs!

you say the funniest stuff. this morning, i was working in my craft room and you were playing doctor with lillian.  you asked me to write out lillian's name and  diagnosis.  when you came back in, you had written some "reportments" and "erpscriptions" for her. hilarious.  see the XR XR XR? because I had told you medicine is sometimes called RX.  haha.

i've decided a good description for you would be "emotional". not dramatic, like causing drama... just reacting to things with great EMOTION. you have learned to ride your bike pretty well, using training wheels.  but when you fell down in the driveway, and skinned your knee, you screamed and ran at me instantly and fell again in your distress, which skinned your hands as well.  when you are excited, you are like bouncing off the walls excited. almost obnoxious, which i know sounds horrible to say about your own kid. :)

you love blueberries, hot cocoa, cookie crisp (thanks, david), peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bean and cheese tacos, pancakes, bacon.  you have a super sweet tooth, and thanks to the parents you were blessed with, plenty of opportunities to indulge.

one thing that makes me so happy (and also frustrating at times) is your desire to create and make.  you love to come into my craft room with me and make little projects with fancy scissors and paper.  downstairs, you have some supplies- paper, colored pencils and scissors- and it's an everyday thing for you to make letters and gifts for others, leaving scraps and supplies everywhere.  you get our junk mail envelopes and use those, taping them closed and writing someone's name on them. and heaven forbid if i toss them into the trash at night when i clean up and you see your letter in the morning! i moved your little table upstairs for some space for a while and you have been asking nonstop if i would bring it back down so you have "some space to do your work".  tonight, i promise, dearest!

we saw frozen last week, FINALLY! it was even super late, all of our friends had already seen it. trip and anna kate would sing all the songs and you two poor sheltered things, didn't know the words but bless your hearts, would dance and TRY to sing it all. we bought the DVD and have watched it a couple times already. as i type this, you and mia, are acting out the scene where anna tries to wake up elsa.  you guys know the words, "wake up elsa, the skies awake, so i'm awake, so let's go play" and "i can't anna, i can't control the power". and cue the "do you want to build a snowman" music.  silly girls.

you're still crazy about ballet and dancing- when we meet someone, you get into first position and point your toes and twirl.  maybe coping with being shy?? it's funny.  you slip on leotards and "pointe shoes" every chance you get. here's your latest ballerina picture... see the bun? we need to work on hands...

you aren't BAD at all- but you do get into some mischief.  you are forever taking my shampoos and soaps and adding them to your bath or washing your pajamas in the tub.  yesterday, i came outside and you and mia were smashing up a bag of saltine crackers all over the driveway. but when i made you sweep it up, that was a fun game for you, too. you have been drawing with pens on everything lately.  your first cabbage patch from Santa and your new doll from this Christmas.  when you got in trouble, i made you write (copy) a letter to Santa and "mail" it to him on your Valentine balloon. you seemed to think this was really fun... you kept restarting the letter to "make it look nice for Santa". ;) and then dang if that stinkin' balloon wouldn't float up and then got stuck in the tree in the front yard.  so much for my tactics.

you have switched over to loving on dad again- for a while, you weren't kind to him. it was pretty mean.. you'd move away from him if he sat next to you and cry when i left for tutoring and you stayed with him.  but now, things are good and you are sweet to him. thank goodness- that made me sad!

i sure love you and your quirky and funny and sweet personality. you are headstrong and independent.  while these things can make me lose my patience sometimes, i know i'll be thankful for those traits as you get older. you are smart and beautiful and i'm so glad you're my #1 girl.  keep up the shenanigans, little dearie. i'll miss them, someday!

i love you so!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

So I won't forget...

This one is a short one:

Came in from helping set up for a fair. David still in bed. Chickies all set up in the kitchen getting a breakfast snack for themselves. That snack involved pouring syrup right onto spoons and drinking it. Wet wipes right underneath to catch the syrup that was everywhere on the kitchen floor. Yes, a lecture followed but I kinda smiled at their idea.... 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mia is 3- wah!

Happy birthday, Mia!

I had grand dreams of letters to you girls on your birthdays, each on right on time and full of details about who you are at that moment and what you love and enjoy doing.  Hasn't quite happened... At least I can blame it on you girls and how busy life gets. 

You wouldn't mind anyway.  You are the easiest kid, almost all the time.  I thought the other day, you are as tender as a lamb.  And stubborn as a mule. How's that for a contradiction?? You are such a sweet one, really. You are obsessed with amals (animals) and have them all named and carry one with you everywhere.  In the car, to the store, downstairs for breakfast. For your birthday, you got some new ones: a big Lambie, a little Lambie, Linda, Magic, Roxy, and Honey. Wow. You keep up with them all and when we ask where one is, you know right where you've put them. Your bed is just ridiculous with all these stuffed things taking up all the comfy spots but never complaining, you just make your space amidst them all.You tuck them into your arm and absentmindedly, pat them while you watch tv.

Another thing you do that's pretty cute is when we go to a thrift store (one of our weekly adventures) you get all the animals out and line them up along the closet couch and sing and talk to them all.  When it's time to go, all we have to say is to hug them and put them away and you willingly do it.  So funny.

You also asked for a xylophone for your birthday. Maybe to match the flute and harmonica Santa gave y'all for Christmas.  What was he thinking!! You got the xylophone and also a pair of bongo drums from Aunt Molly.  Sheesh- it gets pretty loud in here!

You aren't into trying new foods lately.  That's an understatement, considering you gag and whine and eat mostly goldfish, fruit snacks, apples with no peel and cheese sandwiches.  And chips, you LOVE chips. But then, you almost exclusively drink water, so there's a little healthy side to your junk.  You do love blueberries, strawberries, pita chips, peanuts and pistachios, and ranch dressing.

You love your daddy and will kiss him on the nose, the cheek, his forehead, his chin.  I'll come home from being out and you and daddy will be snuggled up on the couch, snug as bugs.  You are just his little spitting image and we have lots of people comment on that. 

We are trying out ballet classes right now and you don't love them... you'll try but end up sitting in the back or crawling around.  Not a fan.  Same with gymnastics. You are so brave to try and I think you like some of it, but you're timid about the tall beam and jumping into the pit and swinging on the rope. 

And can I just tell you, your little body is the cutest thing.  In your gymnastics uniform, you are so long and tall with a big belly.  Your hiney is just the squishiest and your love handles... oh, my Mia. You are beautiful, your long and dark eyelashes, and those little piggietails lately, just get me.  You and Hen are close to the same size and I get asked all the time if y'all are twins. Nope, just "befrends" (best friends) you girls say. You two play all day long, pretty happily.  Of course, lots of arguments and bickering happens too, but mostly, you get along and create these elaborate games and scenarios to pretend.

I love to hear you talk; your voice is like a little old lady.  You always say the T sound for C or K so cupcake is tuptake or cat is tat.  You have some lotion that you call "twanberry twinkle". 

You are a pretty easy kid- you usually let Hen be the princess and you will be the prince, or Hen will get the pink balloon and you are happy with the blue.  She pretends to be Anna Kate and you have to be Trip.  Haha, you are just easy and ok with being the shadow instead of the spotlight all the time.  Well adjusted, maybe is the word. 

You were feeling sick the other day and I held you and thought about how I was so surprised by finding out I was pregnant with you. Before you were born, I would rub my tummy and pray, God, let me make sure this girl knows I love her and she's not a mistake, just a surprise. What a good and sweet and happy surprise you were. Still are.  Crazy about you, my Mia Ruth. Happy third birthday.

cold snap, again

Today is day 3 of cold weather here in Texas. Meaning, yesterday, we didn't warm up above freezing all day.  And since all of us also have runny noses and coughs, we just have been being lazies inside. On the couch. Or in the bed. Snuggling. All 3 of us together, NONSTOP. Also known as "Mommy is two seconds from exploding at any moment"...

Just now, Mia is running around a bunch of helium balloons left from her birthday.  She is singing a made up song that goes "Balloons, balloons, are very fun. Balloons, balloons, are very fun." Henley, who can't find her bunch of balloons (seriously? a bunch of 4 floating balloons is missing??? how is that even possible?) suggests we all start singing HER song. "You should share, share with your big sister. Her balloons are missing, and that would be nice."

In all honesty, lazy days are nice. We've been snacking instead of regular meals, painting and building forts and who doesn't love to just keep jammies on all day long?

I'm ready for some sunshine, though. The weather is supposed to warm up to a week of sunny 70 degree days.  Trampoline time and picnics and windows open will be such a treat.

Monday, January 6, 2014

dia con mia

I have the sweetest friend, Rachael.  And this morning, she invited my kids to her house and I am blessedly sitting at the library playing on the wifi. 

Ah. So quiet.

I want to remember a day when my mom and sister took Henley for "an adventure" and that left Mia with us.  It was, literally, the first day we've spent just enjoying Mia all by herself. In almost 3 years!!! It's always the two of them and I LOVE it. But it was about time to give this girl a day to herself.

We called it "Dia con Mia".  :)
 Most of it was spent exploring a gorgeous ranch nearby.  

All the single ladies, all the single ladies... 

Check out these lovebirds. 

                                     I sure love this girl. She is pure sweetness.

Monday, October 7, 2013

ruthiemayes shop now open!

just wanted to showcase our little shop my sister and i have started.

she (molly) paints signs and i (bonnie) make crafts. we sell our stuff.

right now, crafts and signs.  soon to come, vintage and junk!  fun.

our instagram account is ruthiemayes.  follow us, if you will!